s t u n c 

A everyday objects performance

A performance born fom the collaboration
between the two Turin-based artists John Bringwolves (multi-instrumental producer) and Mattia Giordano (photographer, director and visual artist).

The idea is to capture the emotional connection between objects and subjects. The focus of this research is on common objects, part of our everyday life.

Like Munari's Useless Machines, the equipment that keeps up reaffirms its superfluous nature: a shoe that always walks on the same spot, chasing a destination that has been forgotten.

Actions are repeated in hypnotic loops in an ever-changing space that reinvents itself each time, like a habit that must be destroyed in order to be renewed.
The object thus becomes a door to a different reality, a breaking point that is evident when one tries to grasp its immobility.

The result is a 20 minutes live performance in which sounds produced by objects are recorded, sampled and manipulated in real time to create an contemporary audiovisual environment.


A short extract from the performance for ALCOVA Milano 05.06.2022
Video by Giacomo Piermanni


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